In this Category Archive, you will find all of our articles regarding GCSE, full of advice and resources to remove anxiety from this important exam.

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an academically / subject based qualification. Students in England and Wales study towards this over a 2 year period. Year 10 and 11. The idea of GCSEs is to give you a broad general knowledge. From where you can then become specialised in your A-levels.

It is, therefore, a very important exam in anyone’s life. Not only can it affect which Sixth Form your child would be able to join. It can also affect which A-levels they will be able to take. In addition to this, it may also influence their further studies and career choices.

What are the new GCSE pass marks?

The focus of this page is What are the new GCSE pass marks? Introduction to the new GCSE pass marks?  You may be used to the GCSE pass grade being a ‘C’. However, the new GCSE pass grade is a GCSE Grade 4. Thus, GCSE Grade 7 approximates to the ‘old school’ GCSE grade ‘A’. The…

GCSE Options Guest Blog – from our Pupil Pulpit

Our latest Pupil Pulpit guest blog comes from Eve, aged 14, who relates her recent personal experiences of selecting her GCSE Options. PUPIL PULPIT – Eve’s GCSE Options Recently I made my options decision for GCSE. The choices or amount of freedom varies from school to school but I had to choose between history and geography,…