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Learning should be fun. Education should, therefore, revolve around the idea of creating an environment that is fun and nurturing. Learning can consequently be made more fun by introducing games. By doing this, not only is it easier to learn but remembered longer. Game-based learning also provides a great way of teaching difficult subjects. As children enjoy games so much, they approach the subject matter differently.

Game-based learning also helps in nurturing a lifelong love for learning. The association becomes a positive one. Children then grow into adults with a positive connection to learning. Eventually growing into adults that also love learning. Game-based learning is growing even more so in our digital age.

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Benefits of brain training and ten-minute tests. Young boy with folded arms and muscled arm drawn in the background

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Brain training is not something often discussed in educational circles. Although ten-minute tests and other short tests are well used within exam preparation. However, the benefits of brain training or cognitive training is as important as getting physical exercise. You go to the gym or put your running shoes on to build muscle or train…

Game-based learning

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning Game-based learning is a speciality of School Entrance Tests. Just like most we love games and find that learning through games doesn’t only make it fun, but it amplifies learning. Below we list useful links to not only game-based learning but also game-based assessment. Whether for education or in the world of business.…