In this Category Archive, you can find all of the articles on our site which contain information on English Practice.

This information covers all assessments and general practice. We also provide English Practice in the form of quizzes. Therefore, giving your child the opportunity to practice these skills. The quizzes are only 10 minutes. They can be great for practice in all the different formats. These links can be very helpful in getting that quick daily practice. These are prepared by an ex-exam board writer. At the end of the short quiz, you will be provided with your score and the correct answers. If necessary there will also be a method attached.

This Category archive includes information on English Practice for all forms of school entrance tests or other forms of assessment.

Subsequently, these quizzes and resources include subject matter for 11 Plus, CAT4, SATs, A-Levels and GCSE.

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Try a new career teaching English online

In these troubled times, why not try a new career teaching English online. Learning how to teach English online The biggest benefits of becoming an online English teacher are by far the flexibility and the downtime. Instead of splashing out on over-priced sandwiches that you wolf down on your brief breaks between classes, you can…