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With so much going on in education news in the UK, we hope to cover the most important happenings. Education News UK includes subject matter relating to many areas. As private and grammar school entrance is a subject under often debate, we hope to cover these matters in detail. With the government’s involvement in resurrecting the Grammar school system to its former glory. There is already (in 2018) 10 000 more grammar schools in the UK than in 2010. This growth clearly has a great impact on education news in the UK. How do these institutions lead education reform in the UK?

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Bespoke Education Plans - IEP - Individual Education Plan

Bespoke Education Planning Service

Bespoke Education Planning Service Welcome to our bespoke education planning service. Understanding your family’s needs, aspirations and your child’s skills. Pinpoint your child’s strengths strengths Highlight their education gaps due to their having followed a different curriculum abroad. Be assessed by leading educational experts Discuss those potential school options we recommend Take into account all…

School interview tips for the big day

College / Private school / video interview tips

Hope you find our Oxbridge admissions feature helpful and our Oxbridge interview tips useful. Oxbridge admissions tests – Thinking Skills Assessment Thinking Skills Assessment Cambridge (TSA Cambridge) TSA Oxford (TSA Oxford) Thinking Skills Assessment University College London (TSA UCL) Thinking Skills Assessment Cambridge also termed TSA Cambridge Cambridge Law Test which is to be taken by…

SEN / Dyslexia Reading Tests

In this feature we focus on Dyslexia Reading Tests, then the Lucid Test Reading example – as well as special educational needs throughout the feature. Lucid test – dyslexia reading test Special Educational Needs (SEN teaching) Children and parents have struggled to adjust to homeschooling. Now, some have to cope with returning to schools which…