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With so much going on in education news in the UK, we hope to cover the most important happenings. Education News UK includes subject matter relating to many areas. As private and grammar school entrance is a subject under often debate, we hope to cover these matters in detail. With the government’s involvement in resurrecting the Grammar school system to its former glory. There is already (in 2018) 10 000 more grammar schools in the UK than in 2010. This growth clearly has a great impact on education news in the UK. How do these institutions lead education reform in the UK?

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Kids Academy for Gifted and Talented

Kids Academy for Gifted and Talented  This app has a number of topics beyond Science for children ages 2-8. The content was created in collaboration with professionals in early childhood development and education. The goal was to make a comprehensive product that would be appealing and easy to grasp both for parents and children, provide…

Bespoke Education Plans - IEP - Individual Education Plan

Bespoke Education Planning Service

Bespoke Education Planning Service Welcome to our bespoke education planning service. Understanding your family’s needs, aspirations and your child’s skills. Pinpoint your child’s strengths strengths Highlight their education gaps due to their having followed a different curriculum abroad. Be assessed by leading educational experts Discuss those potential school options we recommend Take into account all…

Dyslexia Reading Tests

In this feature Dyslexia Reading Tests and focus on the Lucid Reading Test (and their uses for assessing dyslexia). GL Assessments distribute the Lucid test portfolio. The tests are used to screen and diagnose learners with specific learning difficulties. They are also very useful in identifying potential and understanding learners’ strengths and weaknesses. Different Lucid…