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Edtech or educational technology refers to the combination of computer hardware, software, educational theory and practice, to encourage and facilitate learning.

There are so many new technologies and educational techniques within this field. Subsequently, these are both for online learning and adapting it to an in-person environment. The world is becoming more and more reliable on technology in a world on online learning and assessment.

Therefore it is very important to us to make sure you are up to date with all the newest developments and great advancements in the world of Edtech. If this is something of interest to you, make sure to follow this Category Archive for Edtech. It will provide you with information on all the wonderful new technologies and opportunities for enhanced learning and development.

As the world is changing, more and more opportunities become available. Therefore make sure to stay informed of all the wonderful opportunities. Therefore widening your horizons to include all that available.

Keep an eye on this great world of edtech and all things technological. We are moving into a new era of combining education and technology. Such a fascinating world we live in. Why not find a way to combine these very important elements of our lives. Therefore making life easier and simpler in the process. Follow our EdTech Category to make sure you are always up to date.

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