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Brexit effect on children. Hello in different languages.

Brexit effect on children

How will Brexit affect British school children? It isn’t just adults who are affected by protracted Brexit negotiations. Children are too. Some are under the impression there is no longer any point learning a language. Others are simply worried that Europeans will no longer like them. According to a recent report from the British Council,…

International Baccalaureate Results day 2019. Young woman holding results paper 2019.

Baccalaureate Results

International Baccalaureate Results Day 2019 International Baccalaureate (IB) Results Day. A very exciting and inspiring day. Passing your IB Diploma is a fantastic achievement, one you should be immensely proud of. International Baccalaureate You can nominate up to 6 universities to receive your results. You don’t need to do anything more as the universities will…