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Digital Skills

Welcome to our Digital Skills resources. Our Digital Skills Resources Firstly, our tech interview tips. Secondly, Graduate digital Jobs Also then video interview skills. Plus Graduate digital Opportunities. Also then our Video interview tips. Plus also, our Interview Tips for Graduate STEM Jobs And also our Digital Skills Tips. Core Competencies We are interested in the World Economic Forum’s 10 core competencies,…

Tech Interview tips

Welcome to our tech interview tips for tech jobs and related STEM careers info. Our Top Tech Interview tips You might have just graduated or had years of experience with an impressive CV. However, finding the right job can be quite challenging. Companies use different recruitment processes. These usually involve some form of psychometrics and one…

Maths in letters for maths careers

Maths Jobs / Maths Careers

Maths Careers There is a wide variety of jobs that use Maths / Maths careers. For example, a data and compliance manager performs data tracking and analysis to ensure employees comply with regulations. Therefore, analytical and IT skills are also necessary for this occupation. Aircraft engineers are responsible for maintaining planes to make them ready…

Top tutors wanted to join our list

Welcome to our Tutors Association list of the Best Tutors 2021. Our (Tutors Association) list of the Best Tutors 2021 Join Our Best Tutors 2021 Are you a tutor providing online classes and you are a member of The Tutors’ Association? Why not join our database of qualified and reliable tutors. Sign up HERE and…

Gothic Church Best West Midlands Schools 2021

Super-selective schools

Welcome to our super-selective schools guide. Benefits of super-selective schools As well as the prestige, there are many benefits to gaining a place at a selective or super-selective school. For example: Your child is likely to be with like-minded peers who have a strong attitude to learning and a desire to do well. The schools have a…

Teacher of English as a foreign language in front of class

International Governess Career

Many thanks Shay, currently on an international governess post in Russia, for your contributions to our latest ‘International Governess Career 2021’ post. The return of the Governess is heralded because they can educate children in the comfort of their own homes. Wealthier families have been minimising their own children’s educational disruption. Some even moved to…

city view best north-west Schools 2021

Best schools North West 2021

Welcome to our popular Best schools North West 2021 feature.         *  *  CONTENT last updated April 2021   *  *   Features of the best schools North West 2021 listed below. A strong showing for primary schools in the northwest in this year’s Parent Power rankings. Took 81 / 500 of the Sunday…

Rankings Primary school league tables 2021

Primary school league tables 2021

Welcome to our replication of the popular Sunday Times Primary school league tables 2021.         *  *  CONTENT last updated April 2021   *  *   Top 50 Primary Schools in the UK 1 1 Mayflower Primary School London 114 118 114 346 50   2 2 St Antony’s RC Primary School, Forest…

Bespoke Education Plans - IEP - Individual Education Plan

Bespoke Education Planning Service

Bespoke Education Planning Service Welcome to our bespoke education planning service. Understanding your family’s needs, aspirations and your child’s skills. Pinpoint your child’s strengths strengths Highlight their education gaps due to their having followed a different curriculum abroad. Be assessed by leading educational experts Discuss those potential school options we recommend Take into account all…

Family doing Virtual Sixth Form Open Days

Virtual Sixth Form Open Days

Times have changed. You can no longer just phone up a chosen school or attend a few different Sixth Forms that seem of interest. As most of the world has moved online, so has school applications. This, of course, includes open days turning into virtual open evenings and virtual video tours. This is not all…

Brexit effect on children. Hello in different languages.

Brexit effect on children

How will Brexit affect British school children? It isn’t just adults who are affected by protracted Brexit negotiations. Children are too. Some are under the impression there is no longer any point learning a language. Others are simply worried that Europeans will no longer like them. According to a recent report from the British Council,…

International Baccalaureate Results day 2019. Young woman holding results paper 2019.

International Baccalaureate League Tables

Welcome to our Independent IB Schools league tables. # Avg. Points Name Day/Board Boy/Girl Day £ Board £ Cohort Size 1 40.9 North London Collegiate School Day Girls 20,430 18 2 40.4 Stephen Perse Foundation Day Co-ed (Diamond model 11 – 16) 17,490 16 3 39.2 Abbey School – Reading Day Girls 17,640 18 4…