In this aptitude test Tag Archive, you can find all of the articles on our site which are about aptitude. We look at different aptitude trends to give you a good overview of current and future trends / aptitude test developments.

These tests are used to gauge the natural ability of a learner. There are various versions of this form of assessment. Therefore we try to provide information and practice on all of these.

These forms of assessment are not based on knowledge or content. Instead, these are based on the natural ability of a person. Subsequently, it can be physical or mental. At School Entrance Tests we focus on the mental aspect of aptitude tests. We also provide practice tests.

These tests are used in different settings. The CAT4 is a great example of ta very popular aptitude tests and is also featured on the site.

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Passing the five Watson glaser test sections

This is our feature, Passing Watson glaser test sections. Watson Glaser Test’s 5 sections We hope you find out free Watson Glaser Test resources useful, together with our top Watson glaser Test tips . Potential employers can ask you to take a Watson-Glaser test as part of their selection process. The test is usually taken online (though…

Non-Verbal Independent School Exam. Shapes

Year 6 Critical Thinking Test Practice

Here’s School Entrance Tests‘ Year 6 Critical Thinking Test Practice. We aim to help with the Year 5 to Year 6 transition for those pupils struggling with their critical thinking skills.   11+ Critical Thinking Test Practice Our premium 11+ Critical Thinking product will familiarise students who have not encountered critical thining questions previously. It’s…

Non-Verbal Independent School Exam. Shapes

Non-Verbal Reasoning Independent School Exam Practice Papers for 2022/3 entry

Our intro to Non-verbal Reasoning skills for Independent School Exam Practice Papers for 2022/3. Non-verbal reasoning skills training course for independent school entry 2022 bookBUY nvr practice papers schoolBUY nvr video course   Which independent schools test for Non-verbal reasoning skills? More and more secondary schools across West London are using non-verbal reasoning (NVR) tests…

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Our practice Aptitude Tests books (on Amazon)

Here, we focus on giving you more details of our Amazon practice aptitude test books on Amazon. Our Aptitude Practice Test Books Of our five published Aptitude Practice Test Books, these are the latest two practice books’ Amazon links:  Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests and  Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.   Who are our aptitide test practice books…

 Children’s Intelligence tests

Welcome to our feature on Children’s Intelligence tests Our Introduction to Children’s Intelligence tests Children’s intelligence tests are of great interest to many people. Comparing scores and finding which ‘category’ you fall into is however not the main function of these. The use of these tests in educational psychology has much further reach than just…

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Armed Services – Free aptitude test examples

Welcome to our free aptitude test examples. Free aptitude test examples – practice tests (Navy) Our first Navy psychometric test practice is Navy Practice Test and our Navy practice Test answers. Here’s the second of our Navy practice tests are Royal Navy Numeracy Practice Test 2 and our Royal Navy Numeracy Practice Test 2 answers . Here are…

skills guides

Skills Guides (for pupil ages 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ 12+)

Here’s our comprehensive skills guides covering all relevant school pupil ages: Our Skills Guides            (15-20 tests per pack) Maths Skills Guides 5+ Maths Skills Guide    6+ Maths     7+ Maths     8+ Maths     9+ Maths     10+ Maths     11+ Maths     12+ Maths Skills Guide   Writing Skills Guides…

Virtual Teams Digital Skills

Recommended LNAT test practice by experienced test designers

Welcome to our LNAT practice test guide. This specific verbal critical thinking test is used for entry to the legal profession. Good luck with your LNAT Test practice! Why not try our premium LNAT test practice?   School Entrance Tests‘ recommends Rob Williams Assessment‘s LNAT test practice. Rob Williams Assessment Ltd are assessment specialists in both…

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Free TSA and other University Admissions past papers

Welcome to our free TSA past papers – Oxford past papers to help your sixth form preparation. Plus School Entrance Tests’ University Admissions past papers.   Our free TSA Past papers Here’s our Premium TSA practice. University Admissions past papers UCAT, BMAT University entrance guides and TMUA University Admissions Guide. Our recommended LNAT test practice and Law…

Great British Intelligence Test

Aptitude test tips

Here’s our top aptitude test tips. We hope you find these useful.   RECOMMENDED practice aptitude test papers for top practice  TOP non-verbal reasoning practice papers for independent school entry 2022; RECOMMENDED Maths practice papers private school entry 2022; 11 plus grammar school TOP past papers; and BEST verbal reasoning practice papers private school entry 2022.…

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UCAT admissions / UCAT score guide

Here’s our guide UCAT score guide / UCAT admissions guide to universities. What can you do to ensure you pass and the rest of your application process also goes well.   Free UCAT test practice   Our guide UCAT test scores It’s estimated that over 500,000 Sixth Formers are applying to University this year. That means many…