In this Category Archive, you will find all of our articles regarding 11 plus tutors. We look at tips by tutors and tips on becoming a tutor.

11 plus Tutors work with children every day. Their experience in helping children learn are priceless. We are constantly looking for feedback from tutors as to which techniques work for them. Tips on how to find optimal teaching methods. How to approach 11 plus preparation. These are only a few of the topics we like to look at with 11 plus tutor tips.

However, not only do we ask tutors to give us tips, but we also provide tips to tutors. How do you become a tutor and what is it like being a tutor? Gaining insight into the life of a tutor.

We hope to expand on this subject matter in order to cover both aspects equally. As most tutors have hands-on experience with preparing children for 11 + school entrance, their input is greatly valued.

Top tutors wanted to join our list

Welcome to our Tutors Association list of the Best Tutors 2021. Our (Tutors Association) list of the Best Tutors 2021 Join Our Best Tutors 2021 Are you a tutor providing online classes and you are a member of The Tutors’ Association? Why not join our database of qualified and reliable tutors. Sign up HERE and…

Teaching English online working from your sofa

Practice TOEFL Online English Teaching

In times of a pandemic starting an online English teacher career is a covenient career option. It gives you the chance to work in stunning locations, experience different cultures, and travel to your heart’s content. Practice TOEFL Here are our TOEFL Practice Tests: Related Blog Content Teaching English as a foreign language American school tests…

Learners hands, laptop and notebooks for online tutoring.

How 11 plus tutoring works

We had the privilege of getting Nick Dale, experienced online tutor and avid photographer, to answer some of our questions about Online Tutoring. How did you discover your passion for tutoring I ‘retired’ when I was 29 when I agreed to rent out a friend’s apartment in the Alps for the winter, and I ended…

Basic Tutoring skills. Tutor with young learner.

Develop your tutoring skills

How effective are your basic tutoring skills? Take our quiz to find out how effective your tutoring skills are. Why do I need coaching skills in tutoring? Coaching can involve any situation where one person supports another in achieving a goal. This can be a personal or professional role. We are all familiar with sports…

Best tutor for you. Adam Muckle helping a student.

International Tuition

Truly international tuition I have been tutoring on international placements since being approached to tutor in Shanghai over the summer of 2012. It was a role that seemed tailor-made for me. A Classics and Law graduate, tutoring Latin and Greek to an Eton scholarship candidate and his older brother a short introduction to Law. What…