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SAT Entrance Exam

SAT is considered as an entrance exam utilized by most Universities and colleges to take the decisions of admissions for the candidates. This test is found to be multiple choice paper and pencil test is administered and created by the College Board.

The main purpose of this test is used to measure the readiness of the high school students for different Universities and colleges where they provide a data point that is common and is used for comparing all the candidates. Moreover, the officers of college admission review the test score as per the standard along with the GPA of high school.

SAT Scores

The importance of the score of this exam depends on different colleges along with their application process that varies from one school to another. The higher a candidate will score on this exam the more options will be open to the candidate for paying and attending the college.

The cost of this exam is $46 and if it is taken with an essay the cost of this exam increases to $60. Scores on the SAT range from 400-1600, combing results of the exam from two 200-800-point sections, which include Critical Reading and Writing and Mathematics.

Besides, the SAT is conducted seven times a year in the US such as August, October, November, December, March, May and June. For overseas students, the test is carried out four times a year out of the US and months in which test is offered are October, December, March and May.

Student with verifiable disabilities, comprising learning and physical disabilities, are eligible for taking the SAT with accommodations. Also, these students are given additional times for the test. The result of the test can be obtained by the students after 2-3 weeks.


GRE Practice

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is an admission test for professional and Graduate School that helps a candidate to skip questions in a particular section and can go back for changing the answers. It also helps a candidate to tackle the questions in a manner and a candidate can answer first according to their choice. The test consists of three sections that include quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical reasoning.

Prospective business school and Graduate School applicants from all over the world who are interested to pursue Masters or specialized in business, MBA, or doctoral degree can take the GRE test.

The applicants taking the GRE test varies from a cultural and educational background where the score of this test provides schools with a particular measure to compare the qualification of the candidates. This test is available on a computer and there are 1000 test centers in more than 160 countries. It is also available in various regions of the world on a continuous basis across the year.

The Registration Process for GRE Online

Above 1200 business schools across the globe accept the scores of GRE test, including top-ranked MBA programs as per Bloomberg Businessweek, U.S News & World Report and the Financial Times along with some the US law schools. A total time of 3 hours and 45 minutes are given to students to complete the test. Students are required to pay around US$205 for undertaking the test.

However, under certain circumstances, fee can be reduced by ETS. A financial aid is also provided to GRE applicants, who prove their economic hardship to ETS. Besides, based on the section-wise distribution system, the GRE score range can be identified;

ScoreScore ScaleIncrements
Analytical Writing Score0-6Half-point increments
Quantitative Reasoning Score130-1701-point increments
Verbal Reasoning Score130-1701-point increments

Table 1: GRE Score Range


GMAT Practice

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT):

  • Is an essential application process in the business school.
  • Comprises a Computer-Based multi-choice and computer adaptive standardized exam
  • Is required during the admission of graduate business programs throughout the world.
  • Administered and developed by the test method named GMAC for providing the business schools with few common measures regarding the preparedness of the applicants in the academic work of the graduate level.

The admission committee of the business school always looks at the score of this test along with the academic record, work experience, and supporting materials to assess the capability of students for an MBA program.

GMAT’s Key Features


  • Assesses Algebra, basic arithmetic, geometry, grammar, and multi-source data analysis.
  • Measures the capability of evaluating and analyzing solving problem skills as well as thinking skills.
  • Analyzes critical thinking skills.
  • Comprises integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing assessment.
  • Consists of different sections of analysis and critical thinking throughout the test that will be required for the MBA course work.

It has different durations for each test section:

  • Analytical writing sub-test 30 minutes
  • Integrated reasoning sub-test 30 minutes
  • Quantitative section 62 minutes
  • Verbal section, around 65 minutes are provided.

To undertake the GMAT, students are required paying fee of $275. Also, the validity of the GMAT score is 5 years.


ACT Practice


  • is an entrance exam
  • Used by Universities and colleges for taking the admission decisions of the candidates.
  • Evaluates the readiness of the high school students for studying in college.

College Admissions Officers:

  • Review the standardized test scores.
  • Plus, they review high school class’s review and GPA score…
  • As well as the mentors/teachers Recommendation…
  • And the letter of extra-curricular activities followed by personal essays and admission interviews.

The score of this test is important in the college application process that is different from one school to another. Moreover, most of the students of the high school take this test during their spring or fall of junior or senior year.


  • Takes place annually in September, October, December followed by February, April, July, and June.
  • Lasts 2 hours 55 minutes
  • Or with an essay section, the ACT takes 3 hours 35 minutes.
  • Divides into four multiple-choice subject tests such as reading, mathematics, English and science reasoning.
  • Allows 35 minutes for a 40-question Science section, 35 minutes for a 40-question Reading section, 60 minutes for a 60-question Mathematics section and 45 minutes for a 75-question English section.
  • Takes place in February, June, July, September, October and December.


How to do well on numerical reasoning tests

The general advice given is typical that some focussed test practice will improve your score. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick wins for being good at Maths.

  • Give your “first response”.
  • As a timed test, you need to average around one minute per question. Work briskly but accurately.
  • Each question counts the same so pick off the easy ones first and don’t waste your test time on the most difficult questions.
  • Practise some of the most common numerical test types at the main test publisher websites. For this reason alone, we strongly advise practising sample questions from Kenexa-IBM, TalentQ and SHL sites. ensure that you are comfortable using data tables, interpreting graphs and manipulating large financial figures.


How to do well on verbal reasoning tests

These come in many different types of format. The traditional comprehension format is to have a short text passage followed by a series of questions about facts, opinions, conclusions from the passage content. A bit like those English tests in primary school where you answered questions on a novel extract. Regardless of the type of test, it’s vital to remember:

  • To carefully read each question. Often questions hinge on 1-2 keywords so you must take more care to interpret these accurately.
  • If questioned whether something “always” applies whilst the passage states that it is “sometimes” the case, then this is a false interpretation.
  • One useful strategy is to scan the passage initially, then to read it in more detail.
  • It’s more efficient as you answer each question if you can recall roughly where to find the answer in the passage.

University application tips

How to do well on abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests ask you to look for the changing pattern(s) in the “pictures”. The easier questions typically at the start of the test, will involve one change in colour, position, size etc of the figures shown.

Questions become more difficult as you must spot two or three changes in any of the features shown. It can help, once you’ve worked out at least one of the feature changes, to check through the answer options to discount those that do not conform said feature changes.

Alongside SHL’s practise test pages these three sites cover most of the psychometric tests you are likely to find. You can ask in advance which test publisher’s test you will take.

You can find more detailed advice in our non-verbal reasoning test article for City Kids online magazine


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