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Prep school 9+ entry exams intro

9+ exams are used by various independent schools for entry into Year 5.

Enhance 9+ pupil skills using: ISEB Maths Verbal Non Verbal and English 9+ video courses.


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9+ Exams School Entrance children

What do 9+ exams test?

  • 9+ do vary from school to school so it is best to check with each school to find out what will be tested.
  • Although most 9+ exams school entrance are English and Maths
  • Some schools also have a reasoning paper as well including verbal reasoning and/or non-verbal reasoning.

When do 9+ exams happen?

9+ exams happen at the start of the Spring term in Year 4 for entry into Year 5 the following September

London Schools using 9+ Exams


How best to use School Entrance Tests‘ 9+ past papers

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. This is using the practice materials which are closest to your 9+ school entry exam. This is why we offer the very latest school entrance 9+ past paers. These are the best source for your child to use.


Completing these Prep School practice papers is excellent preparation for 10+ past papers.