Welcome to our recommended premium 8 plus practice papers and School Entrance Tests‘ extensive 8+ Prep School Practice past Papers.

8+ prep school entry practice tests

Here’s some excellent replica versions of real 8+ prep school entry tests:

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These are the best source of 8+ past papers for your child to use. As are:

Maths prep school 8 plus practice papers and English 8+ prep school practice.

Prep school 8+ exams intro

8+ exams are used by various independent schools for entry into Year 5. While most schools have an entrance at 7+ for entry into Year 3, some schools have entry into Year 4 and these are known as the 8+ entrance examinations. Our 8+ practice papers are also excellent 9 plus prep school exam preparation. They:

  • Cover all aspects of the 8+ written exams.
  • Are most helpful for pupils taking 8+ exams to gain a top school plaace.
  • Provide your child with the best possible 8+ exam practice by including the full range of 8+ question difficulty.     

FREE Sample English 8+ and Maths 8+ papers


Solving these 8 plus past exam papers will give your child good practice in questions ranging from difficulty level easy to hard.
We advise parents to practice these 8 plus past papers alongside their child.
Doing this will help build confidence to face all kinds of questions. It will also improve your child’s performance in their 8 plus school tests.

So, why are 8 plus school exams used?

Private schools  conduct 8 plus entry exams to select pupils for year 4 admission into independent schools across the United Kingdom.
Hence most 8 plus plus examinations are used to gain a place in top independent schools.

When do 8+ exams happen?

8 plus examinations happen at the start of the Spring term in Year 3 for entry into Year 4 the following September.

8+ National Curriculum requirements 

AgeYearKey stageAssessment
7 to 8Year 3KS2
8 to 9Year 4KS2Multiplication tables


8+ Exams School Entrance exams children painting

London Schools using 8 plus Exams

  • Chepstow House
  • Dulwich College
  • Garden House School
  • Harrodian
  • Ibstock Place Prep School
  • King’s College Junior School
  • St Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court)
  • St Philip’s Roman Catholic Prep School
  • Sussex House School
  • Westminster Under School
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  • Wetherby Preparatory School

Our Other Prep School Entrance Exams

8+ examination for prep school entry

The ISEB pretests described in the YouTube video above are used to select students for Year 2 entry into top schools across the country.

8+ Maths Sample Questions (Dulwich College)
8+Maths (King’s College School Wimbledon 2014)
8+ Maths – Group B (King’s College School Wimbledon September 2012)

9+ Maths (King’s College School Wimbledon 2014)

Step by step guide to using 8+ our past papers

We often get asked, How best to use School Entrance Tests‘ 8+ past papers. Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice:

  1. You need to search the School Entrance Tests‘ Index to access 8+ entry practice past papers.
  2. Check that you have the correct exam format for the prep school you are applying for here.
  3. Download the most recent 8+ exam papers available on that page or post for your child to go through.
  4. Schedule revision sessions at least once a week. Ideally first thing in the morning on either Saturday or Sunday. Ideally both days!
  5. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the 8+ exam format and the different types of question in the 8+ exam.
  6. As they complete more practice 8+ papers (from earlier academic years) your child will perfect their 8+ exam technique*
  7. Note those sub-tests (for example the 11 plus for grammar school entry has four separate papers or subtests.

Our notes for using past school entry papers

Firstly, the above Guide to using 8+ past papers may occur alongside your child’s tutor.

Also, we also offer more challenging past 8+ papers for revision. These are supplied by our practice 8+ exam partners because of their reputaiton for providing high quality and engaging online (mock) exams. We recommend incorporately these at the asterisked step 5. *


Galore Park, the ISEB publishers, also offer a comprehensive range of 8+ revision papers and Year 3 exam practice guides.