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Key Points about 7+ Exams School Entrance

  • Some parents wait until the end of Year 6 to move their children to a secondary school.
  • Other parents move them earlier, particularly if you are considering moving your child from a state primary school to an independent preparatory school.
  • Such prep schools primarily admit pupils at the beginning of Key Stage 2. Thus, the 7+ admissions tests are taken at the end of Year 2.

7+ Exams School Entrance childrenTypical 7+ exams school entrance?

The admissions process varies from school to school, however, usually the tests will involve English and mathematics. Some schools also include a reasoning test too, which can include both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. They can be written or computer-based tests. As with other entrance stages, schools often ask for a report from the child’s current school and those that pass the examination will often be asked back for an interview.

When 7+ exams happen

7+ examinations take place early on in the Spring term of Year 2, for entry into Year 3 the following September.

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7+ Exams School Entrance

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