Our focus here is on Hammersmith Private Schools entrance exams.

Hammersmith Private School entrance exams 2022 

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom but also probably seen as an educational hub for UK students and students from all over the world. Many aspire to get into some of the best universities in the world from here and find that a private school education is the best way to prepare for their academic future.

Independent/private schools are spread out over London. These schools are fee paying. Private schools are run by governors and independent of many regulations that apply to state schools. The biggest of these regulations that they are independent of is the National Curriculum.

Hammersmith Prep Schools

For children, up to 7, a prep school would usually ‘assess’ prospective students through an interview and a taster day at the school. There are however schools the make use of 7+ formal assessments.

Hammersmith Private Secondary Schools

These schools cater for children between 11 / 13 to 16 and often has a Sixth Form within the school for children 16-18. Many of these private schools are members of the Independent Schools Council (ISC). This is a non-profit organisation representing about 80% independent schools in the UK (in 2011).

The best way to search for school options is to have a look at the schools in your borough and work from there. 

As each private school manages their own admission procedures, these vary greatly. Most private schools are however academically selective and even those that don’t, require an interview to see whether your child would fit into their particular school environment.

For academically selective schools various forms of assessment can be used either at 11+ or 13+. These may include Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning and exams on various other subjects. The best would be to check the Admissions page of your preferred schools.

Hammersmith Private Schools

Bute House Preparatory School for Girls
Chelsea Independent College
Kensington Prep School GDST
Latymer Prep School and Latymer Upper School
Parsons Green Prep
Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School
Sinclair House School
St James Junior School
StJames Senior Girls’ School
St Paul’s Girls’ School
The Godolphin and Latymer School
The Moat School


Private London school past papers

Firstly, Haringey independent schools. Also, next is Richmond independent schools. And then, Streatham independent schools. Also, Southwark independent schools. Plus also, Sutton independent schools. Next, Wandsworth independent schools. And finally, Harrow independent schools.


Hammersmith Private School entrance exams 2022