Firstly, we list 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests below.

Secondly, please register at Passed Papers to take a free verbal reasoning test. Such online test practise will help you to become familiar with taking online verbal reasoning tests.

Thirdly, schools that use CEM Assessments use these tests. Verbal reasoning tests are also used in many other settings. For schools that use CEM assessments, you can have a look at our page CEM 11+ Grammars.

Lastly, Grammar schools in England and subsequently in British territories overseas have a long and colourful history as part of a highly rated education system.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests Part I

11+ Verbal Reasoning Test 1

Test 2
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test 3
Test 4
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test 5
Test Eight
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Five
Verbal Reasoning Test Four
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Nine
Verbal Reasoning Test Seven
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Ten
Verbal Reasoning Test Three
11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Two

Grammar schools today

Grammar schools in England and subsequently in British territories overseas have a long and colourful history as part of a highly rated education system.

Firstly, only 164 of these Grammar schools however still remain in England today. There are however no remaining Grammar schools in North East England or Wales and 69 Grammar schools in Northern Ireland. Currently, Grammar schools are only found in 37 local English authorities, of which 7 are in the Greater London area.

Secondly, 11 Plus Entrance exams will differ according to which assessments the school uses – GL or CEM. These exam papers can include Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths, English and also a variety of other subjects depending on the school. Subsequently, CEM and GL are two different exam boards that are the exam boards in virtually all regions where the 11+ is still used. Although the CEM and GL exams cover roughly the same 11+ topics, there are differences in how they work.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests Part II

Verbal Reasoning Familiarisation – Parent’s Guide (Colfe’s School)

11+ Verbal Reasoning 1 Test Booklet (Colfe’s School)

Verbal Reasoning Answer Sheet (Colfe’s School)

11+ Verbal Reasoning (IPS 2002)

11+ Verbal Reasoning (The Perse Upper School Cambridge)


Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests practice aptitude test book

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School Research

In 2016 Skipper and Douglas published their research named: The impact of a selective entry examination on children’s feelings as they approach the transition to secondary school. They specifically looked at how different experiences of the selective entry examination influenced children’s feelings towards themselves, the school and intelligence.

Not all children get to sit the 11+. In some counties, teachers choose only those who they think will pass. Only 25-50% of those will pass the 11 +. With only 164 Grammar schools in England, this makes the population of Grammar schools extremely selective.


11 Plus Practice and 11 Plus Tips

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