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Prep school entrance exams 10+ Illustrated Reading guide

These school entrance exams are used by various independent schools for entry into Year 6.

Key Points about 10+ Exams School Entrance

  • The 10+ admissions tests are taken in the Spring term in Year 5 for entry into Year 6 the following September.
  • The admissions process varies from school to school.
  • However these private schools typically test in English and maths with some adding a reasoning paper
  • Plus verbal reasoning and/or non-verbal reasoning.
  • The additional 10+ exams are at a slightly lower level than the 11+ examination.

How do 10+ Examinations relate to 11 plus exams?

  • 11+ exam entry continues to get ever more competitive.
  • Hence some parents choose for children to sit an exam a year earlier at around 10 years old.
  • There are only a few schools that offer the 10+ entry.
  • If students are successful at 10+, they are not required to take the 11+ examination the following year.
  • Unless they are wanting to be considered for a scholarship or bursary place.
  • Those unsuccessful students at 10+ entry are still able to sit the exam at 11+ entry level.

Which private schools use 10+ exams

City of London Freemen’s School

City of London School

Devonshire House Preparatory School

Emanuel School

King’s College Junior School

Kingston Grammar School

Old Palace of John Whitgift School

Trinity School

Whitgift School

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